The Lapwing hand knitwear design by Alice Starmore from the book Glamourie
The Designs

The Glamourie designs are based on elements of the costumes, with full instructions in a variety of sizes. As ever, it is of paramount importance to me that my instructions are clear and accurate so that the design can not only be made exactly as illustrated, but can also be modified to suit the knitter's personal requirements. The hardest part of turning the costumes into designs was only creating one from each costume. for the various possibilities kept spiraling off in fractal fashion... but every book has to end somewhere. You can browse the Glamourie designs by visiting the GLAMOURIE section of our shop, which contains the Glamourie book and all yarn packs for the designs.

The collars from our Flights of Fancy section can also be made using instructions from Glamourie. The Dark Raven Collar is made using the exact instructions from the Raven Poncho neckline. The Red Raven, Lapwing Collar and Jade's Collar are made using adaptations of costume elements from the design section of the book. Click here to read more about our Glamourie Techniques and Experiments.