Raven Collar


One Size fits all.

This yarn pack includes all the Alice Starmore Hebridean 2 Ply and 3 Ply yarn in the colours of your choice required to make the Raven Collar using the instructions given for the first size of the Raven Poncho Collar in Glamourie. You will require a copy of the book GLAMOURIE for the pattern instructions.

The Raven Collar continues to serve its inspirational purpose.  All of the collar variants we have shown in Flights of Fancy have proved to be hugely popular and so we are delighted to offer this yarn pack for yet another colour variation in the theme. Jade has made it directly from the instructions for the Poncho Collar but using her colour choices in an imaginative and very specific manner.

Jade used a warm palette of Alice Stamore Hebridean 2 Ply for the feathered layers. For the first layer she used Mountain Hare for the main body of the feathers and so this is colour 1.
For the feather edgings of the first layer and the main body of the second layer feathers she used Sundew which is colour 2.
For the feather edgings of the second layer and the main body of the third layer feathers she used Corncrake which is colour 3.
For the feather edgings of the third layer she used Whin which is colour 4. The neckband is made using Alice Stamore Hebridean 3 Ply  and Jade used Golden Plover.

This is a very effective and straightforward way to create a colourway for the design and so we have listed the choices in the numbers as explained above for the 2 Ply feathers and the neckband colour choice is available from the 3 Ply range.

Click here for a digital shadecard of all Hebridean 3 Ply colours.

Click here for a digital shadecard of all Hebridean 2 Ply colours. 

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The Raven Poncho & Collar from Glamourie by Alice Starmore