Lewis moorland in winter

Isle of Lewis

The Isle of Lewis is not only our ancestral home, but also the inspiration for the Hebridean yarn range and many of our designs. It is edged with glorious, pure beaches, each with its own colours and temperament, all centred around an island filled with colourful moorland and ancient hills. Due to the ever-changing and very dramatic weather it is a place of constantly shifting light and shade. We have been out to some of our favourite places and brought back images to share some of the Lewis landscape with you.

A frozen peatbog in winter
A passing place on a single track Hebridean road
Autumn moorland with Summer the spaniel blending in

A frozen peat bog in winter, a passing place sign on a single track Lewis road, and Summer the chocolate Spaniel disappearing into the autumn moorland.

Rock formation on a Lewis beach
Walkers on a Lewis beach
The view from Reef beach
A grazing sheep in front of Valtos beach
The Atlantic Ocean

Sea and Ocean views from five different Lewis beaches.

A strip croft on Lewis
High cliffs at the Butt of Lewis
Butt of Lewis Lighthouse, the windiest place in the U.K.

The Butt of Lewis in Ness is one of the windiest places in the U.K. The land is high with towering cliffs topped with fertile crofts. On the left is a traditional strip croft with grazing sheep, in the center herring gulls nesting in the high cliffs, and on the right the lighthouse at the Butt of Lewis.

Shells on the beach

A carpet of shells on Reef beach.

Cliff foot rocks on the Isle of Lewis
Interesting shoreline rocks at a Hebridean cliff foot beach
Cliff foot Hebridean beach showing an igneous intrusion of metamorphic rock
Sea Ivory on a shoreline rock
Many coloured shingle with the tide washing over it

Rock formations on a hidden, cliff-foot Lewis beach.

Grazing sheep on Lewis
A sheep on a Lewis croft

Hardy Lewis sheep on croft and common grazing.

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A shingle beach on the East of the island
Shags taking flight over the bay

Shags taking off from a shingle shoreline.

Marram grass in front of an Atlantic beach