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Online Classes and Courses

One of the most important aspects of my work as a knitting designer is to make my instructions for techniques and designs as clear as possible so that knitters can feel confident in their ability to realise the designs and to modify them to suit themselves.

I have also promoted, through my books and many classes taught over the last thirty-five years, my passionate desire to encourage knitters to experiment with techniques and unleash their own creativity.

Much has changed technologically and we are now able to demonstrate techniques and discuss design in detail through writing, photography and video. Below you can find:

Over 3 Hours of Free Video Tutorials, which take a look at techniques and projects to develop your knitting skills. These have no adverts and are broken down into easy to view sections which are illustrated with photographs and captions.

Video Class Kits, which take you through a specific project, helping you learn as you make a design. These are ideal for learning and progressing your knitting skills through a project. The Briodag, Henry VIII Hat Set, Staran, Lapwing Collar, Sulaire and Cluaran designs are all available as video class kits.

Creative Course 1 and Creative Course 2 are immersive learning experiences, teaching you costume making skills while you complete intricate accessories.

The Infinite Cable Class teaches you how to read and understand charted cabled and textured patterns which include infinite lines of different weights. This class shows you how to work a variety of textured patterns, make bobbles and simple openwork, all of which are combined to produce an elaborate design in one small square. You will also learn how to block, sew up seams and pick up stitches to make mitre-cornered edgings for a 24 square blanket or throw of heirloom quality.

The Beginners Weaving Class shows you how to use a rigid heddle loom, full samples and make tassels and braids. Weaving Design Plans contains the warp and weft layouts, guidelines and yarn amounts for 16 of my woven designs, all of which were made on a rigid heddle loom using Hebridean 2 Ply.