St Brigid hand knitwear design from the book Aran Knitting by Alice Starmore

Aran Knitting

My mission when I set out to write Aran Knitting was fourfold –

• to study and discover the truth behind the many myths of the Aran sweater and thus provide readers with the real history of this fascinating form of knitting:

• to provide a comprehensive and fully-illustrated analysis of the Aran pattern concept which would take knitters –including absolute beginners – on a journey that would lead them to a complete understanding of the patterns, so they could create their own variations, patterns and designs.

• to create unique designs within the traditional form for knitters who enjoy making classic garments from full instructions.

• to take the concept further by including my own development of knitted Celtic knotwork, providing innovative designs that illustrate how practice, knowledge and creativity can lead to new ideas.