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The St Kilda Collection

Our current project - The St Kilda Collection - is growing steadily. A mixture of patterncard kits and online courses, these designs are inspired by the landscape and culture of the archipelago of St Kilda, one of the most remote areas of the Outer Hebrides. This collection is designed so that each piece can be worn separately or layered together. If you choose to make the entire collection you will find that there are challenges and new things to learn, encompassing knitting, weaving, embroidery and felting.

The current complete collections are the Queen of the Waves and the House of Feathers. Here you will find the Sulaire Spencer patterncard kit (with short and long sleeves), the Sulaire Shawl video class kit, the Boreray Cardigan patterncard kit, the Boreray Pullover patterncard kit, the Hiort Hat Set patterncard kit, the Levenish Hat patterncard kit, the Ruabhal Hat Set patterncard kit, the Eagle Collar patterncard kit in six or seven layers, the Raven Capelet patterncard kit, the Beginners Weaving Class and Weaving Design Plans, the Oiseabhal Woven Wrap patterncard kit, Creative Course 2 - Dùn Cuff and Creative Course 3 - Sporran Bag and Linne Belt.