The Damselfly cardigan from Glamourie by Alice Starmore in progress

Video Tutorials & Talks

Videos are an exciting new way for us way to demonstrate techniques and also to show particular ideas we have developed for our designs. From my studio in the Isle of Lewis, we bring you a range of topics that will be helpful to you whether you are making one of our projects, or thinking of trying out a technique. We begin with three very different subjects, all based on Glamourie.

Designing With Feather Shapes takes an in-depth look at the completed feathered costumes and designs from Glamourie, from inspiration through to design and construction. Felting Tutorials gives a step-by-step guide to making felted buttons and beads, which are an ideal begining for experimenting with the felting techniques which are used in some of the Glamourie costumes. Damselfly Tutorials shows the key points of making the Damselfly design from Glamourie, which are also applicable to many other stranded garments.