The Sea Anemone hand knitwear design by Alice Starmore from the book Glamourie


In our Storytelling section I will be reading you a selection of stories rooted in the history and culture of the Outer Hebrides. Here you can find two very different Hebridean fairytales, one with a modern twist and one told in a more traditional style. You can also listen to an audio piece on The Herring Girls, where I give a brief history of the industry and recount some of the recollections of my three aunties as they travelled the islands and coasts of Britain in the 1920s and 30s as herring girls. You can hear Fear a’ Bhata (The Boatman), which is a much-loved traditional song to be performed by our model Iona overlooking a Hebridean ocean beach, and you can learn about The Colours of the Moor, from inspiration through to natural dyes.

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