Weaving with Alice Starmore Hebridean Yarns


If you enjoy working with yarn and playing with colour then weaving on a simple loom is one of the quickest and most rewarding things you can do. I am quite addicted to my little Schact rigid heddle loom; it is a simple but beautifully constructed flip-folding table loom which can be set up on a table and easily stored. However, I like playing with it so much that I have it on a stand so that it is ready and waiting for whenever I have a spare moment.

The beauty of my Hebridean yarn is that it is strong enough to warp with. There is little I like more than to warp in one or more colours, and then plan the weft so that when the colours are woven, the interweave of warp and weft creates another layer of magic in the blended yarn colours.

Even with a basic tabby weave there is endless creative scope with colour patterns in either Hebridean 2 Ply or 3 Ply. Scarves and wraps are ideal as they are decorative, useful and they make perfect gifts.

Once I have woven the piece, I plunge it in very hot soapy water and hand-full it. Then I rinse it thoroughly and roll it up in clean towels to remove excess moisture. I then lay it flat until it is almost dry and steam press it. The result is soft as a cloud, toasty warm and totally eye-catching. The only disadvantage is that everyone who has seen and touched one wants it.