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Alice Starmore Hand Knitting Yarns & Designs

About Our Yarns

Alice Starmore® Hebridean is the ultimate in luxury pure wool yarns.

This is because ...

• We buy Premium Quality pure new British wool fleece.

• This pure new wool is then dyed in the fleece by experts.

• The dyed wool fibres are then meticulously blended to unique recipes created by Alice, based on her personal interpretations of the Hebridean landscape.

• These unique blends are then spun, plied and hand-skeined. In the process, we take care to ensure that any flaws are eliminated.

• The skeins are then hand-washed and dried in the Hebridean air.

The results?

• Yarns that are so soft that they can be worn next to the skin, yet are strong, versatile and made to last.

• Colour blends by a master designer that are full of life and have a magical way of working together and responding to changing light – just like the Hebridean landscape.

• Luxury yarns at an affordable price. By selling directly we can keep prices as low as possible. Compare the price of our artisan yarns with those of lesser-quality mass-produced yarns: you will be surprised and impressed.

To read about the process, history and inspirations behind the Alice Starmore® Hebridean yarn range follow the links above, or to browse our yarns click below.