Raven Capelet


One size.

This kit includes two colour-printed patterncards with full instructions and all the Alice Starmore™ Hebridean 2 Ply required to make the Raven Capelet in your own choice of nine colours.The Raven Costume from Glamourie continues to serve its inspirational purpose. All of the variants we have shown in Flights of Fancy have proved to be hugely popular and so we are delighted to offer the Raven Capelet as a patterncard kit. This is a design for knitters who love a knitting and finishing challenge as well as the opportunity for some wildly creative colour expression. Skill and patience are rewarded with a garment which is truly spectacular, whether worn casually or for a formal occasion. If you are a beginner, or you have not made a complex garment before, the Lapwing Collar Video Class Kit is an ideal project to begin with and build the skills required for this Raven Capelet, which is a complex design. The capelet features five layers of long feathers topped with three further layers of small rounded feathers which can be made in a choice of styles – either self-coloured as shown in the Bronze version, or multi-coloured as shown in the Blue version. The neckband is highly textured with ridges and knots which can be worked in a solid colour or in any combination of your choosing.This is the perfect design for playing with colour. Each feather is made individually and so experimentation is quick and easy. The kit has been designed to provide you with plenty of scope to arrange and use the colours freely within the framework of a main colour and a first and second contrast. These first three colour choices will equally determine the overall scheme (the main colour is so-called as it is also worked in the hidden rounds between each layer). Six highlight shades are provided in the kit and these can be added into the design at will, providing you with immense scope for creating a colour scheme all of your own.

Click here for a digital shadecard of all Hebridean 2 Ply colours.

Jade made both capelet versions shown here and they display her skill at creating colour palettes as well as illustrating how colour can be used to create very different effects. Both versions use a Main and 1st and 2nd Contrast which are similar in tone and depth, so that they work well together to create a background for the highlights.The Bronze version was inspired by the shingle on the croft shoreline which is toned in soft, subtle greys and fawns until the tide rises, making it transmute into shades of green, gold and soft red. So the three base layers of long feathers are worked in Spindrift, Fulmar and Pebble Beach, with Spindrift as the main colour used to join the feathers and work the rounds between each layer. As the garment grew she added highlights of Corncrake, Sea Ivory, Mountain Hare, Driftwood, Sundew and Whin to echo the more intense colours of the wet shingle.The Blue version was inspired by the ocean breaking round the sea stacs of St Kilda, with a main colour of Shearwater along with first and second contrasts of Mara and Summertide.These three blues are used throughout the layers and they dominate the shoulder feathers. Just four highlight shades are used in this version, with Pebble Beach and touches Driftwood concentrated at one centre and Corncrake with touches of Whin on the other. The centre front and back are the same and so the garment can be worn either way.



The Raven Capelet patterncard kit design by Alice Starmore from the House of Feathers collection.

The imagery of Iona in the bronze collar was shot at the wonderful Gearrannan Blackhouse Village on the Isle of Lewis. You can find out more about the location here.