Eagle Collar Seven Layer


One size.

This kit includes two colour-printed patterncards with full instructions and all the Alice Starmore™ Hebridean 2 Ply required to make the Seven-layer Eagle Collar in your own choice of colours. This version is worked exactly like the six-layer version except that it begins with a base layer of larger feathers.The Raven Costume from Glamourie serves its inspirational purpose once again for our House of Feathers Collection. I originally designed the bold ribbed feathers for the upper skirt layers of the Raven Costume. Although feathers by their very nature are light and airy, I wanted to design some to reflect the character and strength of the bigger birds that soar above the wild Hebridean sea and hillscapes. Working them into a collar brought to mind the beautiful neckline feathers of our spectacular Golden Eagles.This is another design for knitters who love a knitting challenge as well as the opportunity for some personal creative colour expression. The collar is worked in a main colour and each ribbed feather is edged with one of three contrasting colours, used at will throughout the four ribbed feather layers. These contrast colours are picked up again in the knots which decorate the neckband and enough contrast yarn is supplied to make a contrast rounded feather here and there, or contrast ridge in the neckband. You can create any number of dramatic effects through your choice of colour palette. The seven-layered version shown here is in a main colour of Red Rattle with subtle contrasts in Sea Anemone, Red Deer and Tormentil.

Click here for a digital shadecard of all Hebridean 2 Ply colours.

Skill and patience are required to become proficient in working The Channel Island Cast-on which is a prominent decorative feature of the ribbed feathers. I have enhanced the cast-on further by working it in both the main and a contrasting colour so that the contrast colour is very subtle at the feather tips. This cast-on requires practice. Every time I plan to use it I first practise, as no matter what your experience it always takes time to get into the rhythm required to make all of the stitches and the edge perfectly even. To learn how to work the Channel Islands Cast-on, see the video demonstration in the Cast-on Methods in our Video Tutorials section in the Online Courses & Classes menu at the top of the Home Page of the Virtual Yarns Website.The effort is rewarded with a garment that is truly spectacular, whether worn casually or for a formal occasion.



Eagle Collar, Levenish Hat and Sulaire Spencer patterncard kits and Dun Cuffs from Creative Course 2 by Alice Starmore in Hebridean 2 Ply

The Eagle Collar has been photographed in a range of light temperatures, from an early morning shoot in soft light to full sunshine, to setting winter sun. The imagery of Iona in the Eagle Collar was shot at the wonderful Gearrannan Blackhouse Village on the Isle of Lewis. You can find out more about the location here.