Cluaran Video Class Kit


Small (ex. picot edging) – Length at centre point 58 cm. Width across top 112cm.
Large (ex. picot edging) – Length at centre point 87cm. Width across top 148cm.

The Cluaran Video Class Kit includes online access to 1hr and 24 mins of detailed video tutorials, a colour-printed patterncard with full instructions, and all the Alice Starmore Hebridean 2 Ply yarn required to make the Cluaran Shawl in your chosen colour and size. The online video tutorials cover all the key points of the design. This project assumes previous experience with an openwork project, and is an ideal progression on in skill level from the Sulaire Video Class Kit.

The Cluaran can be made in any of our available Hebridean 2 Ply colours and is shown here in the large size in Wild Orchid, and in the small size in Glen. Needles are not included in this kit, you will require 1 pair 40cm-long 3.25mm needles.

Click here for a digital shadecard of all Hebridean 2 Ply colours.

Once your Cluaran kit has been dispatched you will recieve an email with a username and password for our steek dot scot video tutorial website. You can use your personal login information to access a detailed Video Class showing key points in the making and finishing of a Cluaran Shawl. If you are buying this as a gift please get in touch with us beforehand as classes are linked directly to your order details.



The thistle (In Gaelic, cluaran) has world renown as a national symbol of Scotland. This cultural association stretches back to at least the fifteenth century. Many of the explanations surrounding its adoption centre around the ferocious prickliness of the plant which guards it from man and beast alike. The most romantic of these is the legend of the careless Viking raider who stepped on a thistle during a surprise attack. His scream of agony alerted the unwary Scots and the attack was successfully beaten off.

The natural defences of the plant perfectly suit the associated mottos, such as that of The Order of the Thistle – the highest honour awarded in Scotland – Nemo me impune lacessit (nobody attacks me with impunity) and that of the Scottish suffragettes – Ye mauna tramp on the Scots thistle.

There is also great beauty in the plant and its highly definitive form lends itself well to emblematic interpretation and so it has appeared in many forms of art and design throughout Scotland. The obvious avenue of interpretation in knitting would be in some form of colourwork depiction, but one of the aspects of the thistle that I find most appealing is that its formidable structure surrounds an extremely delicate flowerhead which produces a thistledown as light and soft as air. This led me to explore the idea of representing the thistle in some form of openwork. The challenge was to depict both the strength and delicacy of the plant through shape, texture and openwork stitches.

The shawl is a timeless and very versatile design. Choose from two sizes and whichever colour of Hebridean 2 Ply suits your favourite outfit.