Henry VIII Hat Set Video Class


Beret – Circumference 64.5cm. Brim to crown 26cm.
Fingerless Gloves – Width around knuckles 19.3[20.7,22]cm.

The Henry VIII Hat Set kit includes online access to 58 mins of detailed video tutorials showing how to make the glove cuff, a colour-printed patterncard with full instructions for the beret and gloves, and all the Alice Starmore Hebridean 2 Ply yarn required to make the Henry VIII Hat Set. The instructions for the gloves are provided in two sizes. Enough yarn is provided in the kit to make the largest size of gloves.

Needles are not included in this kit. You will require:
Beret: 1 Set of double-pointed or 40cm-long circular 2.75mm & 3.5mm needles. Note that if using a circular 3.5mm needle you will require a set of double-pointed needles of the same size to complete the beret crown.
Gloves: 1 Pair of 2.75mm needles. 1 Set of double-pointed 2.5mm sock needles.

The Henry VIII Hat Set is an intermediate project, which is designed to follow on from the beginner level Briodag Hat Set. The Briodag video classes give full technique instructions in stranded knitting in the round and all the intricacies of shaping the beret and gloves. The Henry VIII class assumes you already have the required stranded beret and glove skills, and moves on from these techniques with a focused video class looking solely at the complex cuff of the glove. Written instructions are provided for all parts of the hat and gloves.

The Henry VIII Hat Set Video Class Kit is composed of a beret, and one pair of fingerless gloves, worked in twelve shades of Alice Starmore Hebridean 2 Ply. It is shown here with a Seaweed Scarf made in Sea Ivory.

Once your Henry VIII Hat Set kit has been dispatched you will recieve an email with a username and password for our steek dot scot video tutorial website. You can use your personal login information to access a detailed Video Class showing how to make your Henry VIII Glove Cuff. If you are buying this as a gift please get in touch with us beforehand as classes are linked directly to your order details.


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The patterns I designed for my Henry VIII pullover back in 1997 lend themselves very well to adaptations for more designs. I adapted a single element from one pattern panel as a facing for my Henrietta jacket and now I have revisited the original again because the patterns and colours called out to be worked into an ornately stylish hat set. For the gloves, I added lightly shaped and buttoned cuffs reminiscent of the style of gauntlets Henry would have worn. These add to the opulence of the theme as well as providing knitters with an interesting little exercise in developing skills that can be applied to larger garments such as cardigans and jackets with textured buttoned borders.