Lapwing Hybrid Collar hand knitting design from Glamourie by Alice Starmore
Lapwing Collar

The Lapwing collar illustrates how you can combine elements from very different designs in the Glamourie book to produce very striking results. You will find the instructions for the long feathers in the Raven Poncho collar, whilst the instructions for the shorter Lapwing feathers are to be found in the charted feather pattern I designed for the Lapwing sweater.

I chose six shades of our 2 Ply Hebridean yarn for the collar, keeping shades of green dominant  –  Lapwings are also known as Green Plovers  – but you can ring eternal changes by combining any shades of our 2 Ply Hebridean to suit yourself.
The finished collar weighs  200 grams and you can highlight with very small amounts, as I have done, using just 12g of Strabhann, Lapwing and Calluna and 5g of  Corncrake.  Have a browse through the 2 Ply Hebridean range and choose your bird!
Lapwing Hybrid Collar hand knitting design from Glamourie by Alice Starmore
Lapwing Hybrid Collar hand knitting design from Glamourie by Alice Starmore

I gave the collar a highly-ordered structure and colour in honour of the chic extravagance of this exotic bird. I began the first layer with one long 95-stitch pointed feather for the centre back and a 75-stitch feather for the centre front. I then graded the size of the feathers on either side of these from 65 stitches to the 55-stitch Bogbean-coloured feathers of the shoulders. I accented the longer centre back and front feathers with Calluna, Lapwing, Strabhann and Corncrake and worked matching colour combinations at each side to emphasise the symmetry. The second layer follows the same order with the feathers being shorter, from 75 stitches at centre back, to 55 stitches at centre front and 43 stitches at the shoulders.

Then I worked the first layer of Lapwing feathers in Bogbean. These can be made individually following the instructions given for the feather pattern in the Lapwing design (charts A, B and C). I decreased each feather on row 5 of chart C by omitting the 2 increases and ending up with 9 sts for the last row. For the next layer in Machair I worked a double decrease on the last row, thus ending with 7 stitches in each feather.

The textured colour-pattern on the neckband, which is identical to the Lapwing costume neckpiece, can be found in the instructions for the bands worked at the peplum edgings of the Lapwing design and also the lower body and the sleeves of the Damselfly cardigan. I began the neckband separately and worked 6 rows before joining it to the collar so that the band overlapped the top layer of feathers. From them on I interspersed the textured coloured bands with 4 rows of St.St. and decreased the neckband to shape it into the neck within the St.St rows.

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