Lapwing Hybrid Collar hand knitting design from Glamourie by Alice Starmore

The Lapwing Collar

The Lapwing Collar Video Class Kit comes with a full colour patterncard, online access to detailed video tutorials and all the yarn required to make a Lapwing Collar. The tutorials are suitable for beginner level onwards.

I chose six shades of our 2 Ply Hebridean yarn for the collar, keeping shades of green dominant as in the bird itself (it is also known as the Green Plover). I used Bogbean as the main colour, with Machair for the top layer of feathers and the neckband. I then highlighted the centre-front and centre-back feathers by using various combinations of Calluna, Lapwing, Strabhann and Corncrake. You you can ring eternal changes by combining any shades of our 2 Ply Hebridean to suit yourself. Have a browse through the 2 Ply Hebridean range and choose your bird!