Petite – Underarm (buttoned) 80cm. Waist 74cm. Length 53.75cm.
Small – Underarm (buttoned) 86cm. Waist 80cm. Length 57.25cm.
Medium – Underarm (buttoned) 92cm. Waist 86cm. Length 59.5cm.
Large – Underarm (buttoned) 98cm. Waist 92cm. Length 61.5cm.
Extra Large – Underarm (buttoned) 103.5cm. Waist 98cm. Length 63.75cm.

This pack contains all the Alice Starmore® Hebridean 2 Ply yarn required to make the Damselfly cardigan from Glamourie in your chosen size and colourway. You will require a copy of GLAMOURIE for the pattern instructions, the Glamourie book is available for purchase here.


Damselflies and their larger dragonfly cousins have been a source of fascination to me from my earliest days of living on the Lewis moor. They come in many colours and, given enough space and time, I could work just as many variations on the theme. For this design I have confined myself to just two colourways; one based on the Emerald Damselfly and the other on the Northern Blue. The latter is a rare Scottish Highland species which I saw often as a child but which is no longer here in Lewis.

This is an interesting project for an adventurous knitter. The body and sleeves are worked as flat pieces; the patterning is quite straightforward, based closely on the centre back panel of the costume. For the yoke, I stylised the abstract wing pattern that I created for the costume front panels so that it could be repeated for a number of sizes and reflected at the centre back and front. Once the body is knitted and blocked, the yoke border is worked and then the body and border are knitted together so that the border is overlaid. The yoke is then worked in the round with steeks at the front, armholes and neck so that the yoke pattern is worked on the right side throughout.