Small – Underarm 88cm. Waist 73cm. Length (centre back hem to neckline) 46cm.
Medium – Underarm 95.5cm. Waist 80.5cm. Length (centre back hem to neckline) 48cm.
Large – Underarm 104cm. Waist 88cm. Length (centre back hem to neckline) 50cm.
Extra Large – Underarm 112cm. Waist 95.5cm. Length (centre back hem to neckline) 52cm.

This pack contains all the Alice Starmore Hebridean 2 Ply yarn required to make the Lapwing from Glamourie in your chosen size and colour. It is shown here in a Main Colour of Lapwing, a Contrast Colour of Machair and a Detail Colour of Clover. It is also shown in a main colour of Kelpie with a contrast of Shearwater, with the feather detail worked on front and back instead of a contrast detail. You will require a copy of the book GLAMOURIE for the pattern instructions. The Kelpie version is shown alongside the Capillifolium Hat Set Patterncard Kit

The Lapwing yarn pack can be ordered in a choice of our available Hebridean 2 Ply colours.

Click here for a digital shadecard of all Hebridean 2 Ply colours.

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I took the colours, feathers and flowers from the costume and worked some curved shaping into this fine-knit pullover. The contrasting machair-coloured peplum and cuffs are shaped with short rows and then overlaid with a triple-feather pattern on the back and sleeves, whilst the front features an appliquéd flower arrangement.I designed the feather pattern with right and left slanting increases and decreases placed to mimic the structure of individual feathers. The body is shaped to the waist at the side seams and at each side of the central feather pattern on the back and front.

The flower arrangement is made by knitting and felting the individual components, then stitching them together and finally stitching lightly on to the knitted peplum. If you prefer, you can work the peplum with overlaid feathers on the front as on the back, instead of the flower arrangement, you can see this option in the Kelpie version. The yarn pack contains enough yarn for both options.