Raven Cardigan Single Collar


With Single-layered Feather Collar.
Small – Underarm (buttoned) 91cm. Waist 81cm. Length 48cm.
Medium – Underarm (buttoned) 98cm. Waist 87.5cm. Length 50cm.
Large – Underarm (buttoned) 104.5cm. Waist 94.25cm. Length 52.5cm.
Extra Large – Underarm (buttoned) 111cm. Waist 101cm. Length 54.5cm.

This pack contains all the Alice Starmore Hebridean 2 Ply yarn required to make the Raven cardigan with the single-layered feather collar with contrast trim from Glamourie in your chosen size and colours. This design is available in a choice of our available colours of Hebridean 2 Ply. You will require a copy of the book GLAMOURIE for the pattern instructions.

The Raven Cardigan can be ordered in a choice of our available Hebridean 2 Ply colours.

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A pair of ravens nest on the cliffs at the foot of my croft and so I am privileged to observe them at work and play on a daily basis without even having to leave my studio. They habitually sit on fence posts and preen themselves, or each other when they are feeling amorous. They use their massive bills to smooth their feathers into a sleek profile which contrasts with their bristling throat feathers. These are the features that I focused on to create the Raven Cardigan.

I based the rounded-feather lower border on the feathers I created for the chest of the costume. Once these feathers are joined up, the cardigan body is made in one piece, working back and forth in rows of Stocking Stitch. The body is lightly shaped with strategic decreases to the waist and increases to the bustline. The sleeve cuffs are steeply shaped with short rows and decreases echoing the distinctive curving wedge shape of the raven’s tail. The pointed collar feathers are a take on their bearded throat feathers.

The feathered collar leaves lots of room for improvisation: you can make it triple as shown in the Solan Goose version, double (see the poncho in Driftwood) or single with a contrast edging as shown here. The Mara cardigan collar feathers are outlined in Strabhann. You may notice that the third feather on the left side is worked in Strabhann with a Mara outline. Individual feathers, or layers can be worked in any combination of colours. I knitted and felted the buttons in Strabhann. As an added optional decoration I made four extra feathers, then knitted and felted three little flower heads and then assembled them into a corsage, which can be worn according to your fancy.