Musician Laura Durrant wearing the Lady Mary Wrap by Jade Starmore from the book Tudor Roses


We love to take our yarns and designs out into the landscape of Scotland and make every shoot an exploration of a particular place. Along the way we also find talented people making and doing interesting things. The collaborations section of our website is where we can document some of the places and people that have caught our eye during our travels.

During our shoots on the Isle of Lewis we worked with Jordane Symington, using her handmade jewellery as part of a shoot on a Hebridean beach, and we took beautiful baskets made by Dawn Susan out into the moor to showcase our yarns. On the mainland we stayed at the lovely Acheninver Hostel to capture the incredible backdrop of the North of Scotland, and in the Lowlands we caught up with talented musician Laura Durrant who modelled some of our designs. A great deal of our fashion photography features the hair and make-up skills of Suzanne Christie, who took part in a special fairytale shoot for her portfolio piece. We are also pleased to be able to showcase the work of artist and writer Muriel Macleod, whose longstanding friendship with Alice goes back to their school days. Follow the links below to find out more.