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Dear Knitter,

This month we have a new addition to our patterncard kits section; my intricate, textured Inishmore design is now available as a unisex patterncard kit in six sizes with a choice of cropped or classic length and crew or roll neck. This striking pullover is composed of twisted stitches, bold cables and contrasting textured backgrounds which create a highly-defined geometric pattern, that is full of interest during the knitting process. Here you can see Rebecca and Iona wearing the cropped version with a roll neck. Click here to find out more about the Inishmore patterncard kit. 

The Inishmore is available in a choice of any of my Hebridean 3 Ply yarn range. This range changes constantly. Our complex, artisan yarn takes time to make, so when a dyelot sells out, that particular colour may not reappear for quite some time. Each year we make new dyelots of a choice of colours to add to the 3 Ply range. Yesterday we sold out of our Tormentil 3 Ply, so that colour has left the range for now, but the good news is that a new dyelot of the beautiful, rich shade of Golden Plover 3 Ply has just arrived and has been added in. You can find the full Hebridean 3 Ply range here.

You can see Golden Plover knitted-up here in an Eightsome Reel, worn in the Hebridean sunshine by Iona.

As well as the new addition to our 3 Ply range, I am happy to announce that our 2 Ply range is currently in stock of all 33 colours. New dyelots of Solan Goose, Kittiwake and Erica have all arrived and are now available. You can see the full 2 Ply range here.

The return of Kittiwake, Solan Goose and Erica also means the return of some out of stock designs. The Lady Mary Wrap from Tudor Roses, the Delta Cardigan and the Herald Pullover are all now available. The Rosemarkie Cardigan is also back with the arrival of new patterncards.

Virtual Yarns: Home of Alice Starmore Yarns And Designs

We are as always busy with our needles in preparation for getting out on photoshoots when the weather allows. We hope to have a few dry days out next month so that we can bring you more colour and design in the next newsletter.

Happy Knitting,


Virtual Yarns: Home of Alice Starmore Yarns And Designs