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Dear Knitter,

This month has been all about my Hebridean 3 Ply yarn. Following on from the new Maidenhair Pullover patterncard kit which arrived last month, our brand-new shade of Glen 3 Ply is now available in loose skeins and for all 3 Ply kits and yarn packs. This moorland and moss-inspired colour is a beautiful addition to the range and you can see it in more detail here.

For a bit of Glen inspiration, here you can see some details of a Mary Queen of Scots in a main colour of Glen with contrasts of Corncrake and Sea Ivory.

As well as the new Glen we have more additions to the 3 Ply range in the form of new dyelots of Bogbean, Lapwing, Tormentil and Storm Petrel. These shades are also now available as loose skeins and for all kits and yarn packs. You can find them all here.

Alice Starmore 3 Ply Hebridean hand knitting yarn in Lapwing

Along with our new dyelots we have also welcomed back some designs, with the Henrietta, Mervielle du Jour and Hawk & Hound now back in stock. These designs all use a mixture of 2 & 3 Ply yarns, with the Hawk & Hound and Henrietta using the rich shade of Tormentil 3 Ply to compliment a stranded pattern and the Merveille du Jour with a main colour of Lapwing 3 Ply.

Our Henry VIII and Mary Tudor Hat Sets are also back in stock now that new patterncards have arrived.

Over the last month we were out and about with some of our 2 Ply yarn whenever the weather allowed, photographing the colours against moorland and shoreline. You can now see the results of these shoots both here and on the website.

Virtual Yarns - Home of Alice Starmore Yarns and Designs

Jade and I have also been very busy over the last year working on my very first creative video course, which centres around knitting, felting and embroidery, using the project canvas of a Mystic Hare Hat. It has involved bringing together a huge amount of information and techniques, with a full 9 hours of video tutorials and multiple photoshoots, but we are almost there and the comprehensive creative course will be available next month.

Happy Knitting,


Alice Starmore at Virtual Yarns Creative Course No.1 - Knitting, Felting & Embroidery