Kittiwake – 50g Hebridean 2 Ply


Alice Starmore Hebridean 2 Ply Yarn is made from premium quality pure new British wool, dyed in the fleece and skillfully blended into unique shades. It is hand-washed and dried in the Hebridean air, and supplied in hand-made skeins which may vary in weight. It is priced per 50g at standard conditions. All yarn is weighed to order on balances that are checked daily to ensure that you receive the correct total amount.

Kittiwake is part of the Birds range, which is inspired by birds of the Outer Hebrides.


Members of the gull family are generally regarded as scavengers and pests, but this is not the case with the Kittiwake. These birds are happiest perched on the narrow ledges of treacherous cliffs with the ocean at their feet, far away from all but the most adventurous humans. It is not surprising that they prefer to be safely away from human habitation after the severe depletion of their numbers due to a phase of shooting and nest plundering in the nineteenth century. Now this fashion has passed they have recovered their numbers all around the British coasts. The Hebridean cliffs are a favourite place for Kittiwakes. They are so successful in their chosen habitat that they have lost their hind toe from spending so little time on land, and they even use seaweed for their nests. Unfortunately for birdwatchers, it is increasingly difficult to catch a glimpse of these very pretty birds without plummeting seawards down a sheer rock face, so the greatest of caution has to be exercised. The Kittiwake – in keeping with its character – is the shyest and most delicate looking of the gull family, with its soft blue-grey back and white head and underbelly. Our Kittiwake shade uses a base colour of the clearest blues mixed with hints of creamy white and grey -and then a dash of gold for the bright bill which the adult bird develops.