Dear Knitter,

February brings another new addition to the House of Feathers Collection. The Eagle Collar takes inspiration from the character and strength of the bigger birds that soar above the wild Hebridean sea and hillscapes. The bold ribbed feathers are created using an unusual cast-on, allowing them to be edged in contrast colours which frame the inner texture. This is another design for knitters who love a knitting challenge, as well as the opportunity for some personal creative colour expression, as you can choose your own colour palette. Here Rebecca wears the Six Layer Eagle Collar in a main colour of Pebble Beach with contrasts of Driftwood, Corncrake and Golden Plover. Click here for the Six Layer Eagle Collar.

For an even more dramatic effect the Eagle Collar also comes in a seven layer version, with an added layer of large ribbed feathers taking the design further down over the shoulders. You can see the Seven Layer Eagle Collar here made in a main colour of Red Rattle with contrasts of Sea Anemone, Red Deer and Tormentil. Click here for the Seven Layer Eagle Collar.

You can really see the impact your colour choices make to this design. This Whin version of the Six Layer Eagle Collar is worked with contrasts of Pebble Beach, Driftwood and Spindrift; it is fresh off Jade's needles and ready for future photoshoots, but in the meantime you can see it here along with a matching short-sleeved Sulaire Spencer and the Persian Tiles wrap, bringing together all the gold versions.

This month also sees the return of some of our hat sets, which were out of stock awaiting new patterncards. The Marina Hat Set, Herald, Hat Trick, Capillifolium and Ruabhal, some of which you can see pictured here, are all now available from the website.

Last year we took the Eagle Collar to a variety of lovely locations, from a Hebridean beach with model Rachel and Ziggy the pony, to the mainland mountains with Emma and Rebecca, and also to the historic Gearrannan Blackhouse Village with Iona. You can see some of these beautiful locations here and on our website.

We are knitting, weaving and embroidering our way into spring, with yet more projects and new designs on the needles,
Happy Knitting,
The St Kilda Collection by Alice Starmore, hand knitting, felting, weaving and embroidery for Virtual Yarns