Dear Knitter,

Though February is the shortest month of the year it is certainly not sparse on news from Virtual Yarns. This month we have produced a patterncard kit for the Ruffled Raven Collar. I designed this collar initially to show how the use of colour can enhance the versatility of my feathered collars. It was first photographed on Lucy, styled with a dramatic red dress. After many requests for the pattern, it is now available  as a “choose your own colours” design. You can  alter the mood and make it as subtle or as eye-catching as you please. It is a wonderful alternative to a scarf and can be worn in a wide variety of ways, some of which you can see here on Lucy, Rebecca, Louise and Evie. Click here for the Ruffled Raven Collar patterncard kit. 

The latest of our new dyelots has arrived with Tormentil Hebridean 2 Ply now back in stock. You can find this beautiful moorland inspired shade here.

Along with our Tormentil 2 Ply we can also welcome back a number of designs. The Flora Waistcoat, Alba Jacket, Thoroughbred Vest, Altnaharra and Cats & Mice are all back in stock.

We also have more images from our December photoshoots arriving on the website. Here you can see a beautiful layered-up look modelled by Iona, featuring the Polaris, Briodag, Sulaire and Persian Tiles.

Virtual Yarns: Home of Alice Starmore Yarns And Designs

Last summer I had a visit from a film crew for the BBC's Great Coastal Railways series. They filmed on the croft and in my studio where we talked about my design work. The episode aired in the UK this month and you can now see it on BBC iPlayer. If you are sharp-eyed you might get a glimpse of some upcoming projects! You can also see the Peigi Waistcoat, which is currently available in cardigan form as a patterncard kit.

Over the next few months we will have a lot more colour and design, hopefully starting next month with the Peigi Waistcoat if the weather allows us a photoshoot!

Happy Knitting,


Virtual Yarns: Home of Alice Starmore Yarns And Designs