Herald Accessory Set


Neckwarmer – circumference above edgings 68.5cm.
Gloves & Fingerless Gloves – Width around at knuckles 19.3[20.7,22]cm.

The Herald Accessory Set kit includes a colour-printed patterncard with full instructions and all the yarn required to make the neckwarmer, gloves and fingerless gloves. Enough yarn is included to make an extra glove and fingerless glove should you lose one. The neckwarmer comes in one size and instructions for all gloves are provided in three sizes. Enough yarn is provided in the kit to make the largest size of both types of gloves.

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Moths are often imagined to be the drab relatives of butterflies. There are a few who fit that bill, not least the dreaded clothes moth, but there are also thousands of species of beautiful moths who do us no harm and who grace the world with their presence. I find them all the more alluring because they are often hard to find: most are night-fliers and many are confined to specific habitats. I am lucky enough to have a large garden as well as a croft by the sea and miles of moorland around. This means that with patience I can find a wide variety of species, each one a source of wonder and delight.

I thought it was time to create designs in wool based on some of these exquisite creatures. With so many gorgeous and varied moths around, it was hard to choose which one to begin with and so I decided to start with the first one I found when I walked out of the door: it was a Herald, dormant under a strawberry plant in the garden. Its colours are warm and harmonious and its patterns subtle and delicate; but the features that makes it unmistakable are its indented and scalloped wingtips which are perfectly accentuated in a deep, rich purple shade.

I created abstract colour patterns for the neckwarmer and gloves which are based on the moth as I see it fleetingly in motion. I also translated the essence of the Herald Moth into various items which can be worn separately or together. The neckwarmer and fingerless gloves can be worn together with the Herald sweater for a stunningly elaborate effect. This is an intriguing project for knitters of intermediate to expert skills.



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Images showing the Herald Sweater combined with the Herald Accessory Kit.