Persian Tiles wrap by Jade Starmore from the book A Collector's Item and Hirta Hat Set patterncard kit by Alice Starmore

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Our designs are available in two forms – patterncard kits and yarn packs for book designs.

Our patterncard kits include a full colour patterncard with instructions and all the yarn required for making your chosen size.

Our yarn packs contain all the yarn required for making your chosen size using the instructions from the relevant book. To make a yarn pack design you will require a copy of the relevant book.

The below designs are all available as patterncard kits or yarn packs. The single colour or "choose your own colour" designs are available in a choice of colours, and the shades available will vary depending on our yarn stock.

Wrap & Blanket Stock

Persian Tiles - In Stock

Eagle Wrap Longer Sizes - In Stock

Eagle Wrap Small - In Stock

Rheingold - In Stock

Maidenhair - In Stock

Arabesque Winter - In Stock

Arabesque Summer - In Stock

Dunadd - In Stock

Cluaran - In Stock

Sulaire - In Stock

Lady Mary - Out of Stock

Elizabethan - In Stock

Suzani - In Stock

Ripple Wrap - In Stock

Reef - In Stock

Elephants - In Stock

Seaweed - In Stock

Birdsfoot - In Stock

Driftnet - In Stock

St Ciaran - In Stock

Cats & Mice - In Stock

Gypsy Moth Wrap - In Stock

Leo Scarf - In Stock

Widdicombe Fair Red - In Stock

Widdicombe Fair Blue - In Stock