Leo Scarf


One Size – Width (doubled) 28.5cm. Length (ex fringes) 197cm.

This kit includes a colour-printed pattern card with full instructions and all the yarn required to make Leo Scarf.

This is an ideal first project for a knitter who wants to make a garment in the round using the stranded technique.

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The majority of the Egyptian gods had the bodies of humans but the heads of animals, each one relating to the tasks and expertise of the god in question. One of the most important of these was Ra the sun god, who in one of his guises wears the head of a lion. Ra controlled the sun and all things related to it, such as harvests. He also had considerable influence in the realms of the dead, so his appearance with a lion’s head shows that the beast was held in high esteem. His daughter Sekhmet, also known as the powerful one and generally found on the battlefield controlling the outcome according to her wishes, shared this family characteristic and is shown with the head of a lioness. The image of the lion was also used in the Egyptian zodiac for the star sign Leo.

For my Leo design I have used sandy golds set on a hot background of russets and reds to depict the lions. This background changes to increasingly intense blues as it passes through the band of scarab beetles who are industriously pushing the sun across the sky above the watchful lions.



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