Arabesque Wrap Summer


One Size – Width 57.5cm. Length (ex. fringes) 134cm.

This pack contains all the Alice Starmore Hebridean 2 Ply yarn required for the Arabesque Wrap in Summer colourway, plus an amendment with instructions to be worked in conjunction with those given in A Collector’s ItemYou will require a copy of A COLLECTOR’S ITEM for the pattern instructions, the book A Collector’s Item is available for purchase here. This design is also available in Winter colourway, click here for the Arabesque Winter.

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The popularity and value of Near Eastern carpets is by no means a trend confined to our own time. The monarchs of 16th century Europe all appreciated the elegance and beauty that these carefully woven creations gave to a room. Although very few of these royal collections have survived the passage of time and footsteps, they can still be seen in paintings by famous court artists such as Hans Holbein and Lorenzo Lotto. In the Near Eastern countries from which the carpets originated they were held in such value that it became a tradition to sit close to the floor in order to admire their texture and pattern. Shoes would be removed before taking so much as a step. I have used both the strong colours and interweaving patterns as inspiration for this Arabesque wrap.



Some of the designs from the book A Collector's Item, which are all available as yarn packs.