Rheingold Wrap


One Size – Width 60cm Length (ex. fringes) 142.5cm

This kit includes a colour-printed pattern card and amendment with full instructions and all the yarn required to make Rheingold Wrap.

This is an ideal first project for a knitter who wants to make a garment in the round using the stranded technique with one steek.

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One day beside the Rhine, three gorgeous water nymphs were teasing Alberich – a Dwarf King from the underworld – when he caught sight of their Rheingold beneath the flowing river. The Rhinemaidens told the dwarf that the gold could give him power to rule the world, but to get it he would have to renounce love forever. He had been pursuing them with such ardour that they never thought he would accept their offer, but he did and made off with the Rheingold before they could do anything about it. Thus begins Wagner’s Ring Cycle, and a whole saga of conflict and destruction. Only when the gold is returned to the Rhinemaidens is the natural balance restored, and a ray of hope falls upon the world.

As I watched a televised production of Das Rheingold I had an idea that will bring a golden glow to any occasion. I created a vertically banded tunic with a wide neck, as this is a very adaptable shape. For the main pattern I sketched a sun with beaming rays looking over a graceful flower with curving leaves and stem. For the narrow contrast panel I invented some delicate motifs to complement the principal flower.  Just the thing to put the light back into the life of a disconsolate Rhinemaiden.



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