Dear Knitter,

This month brings a new pattencard kit from the Queen of the Waves Collection. This cropped and fitted design is a complex piece to knit, and uses some innovative pattern and finishing skills learned in Creative Course 2 to complete the hemline, neckline and front bands. The Boreray Cardigan is designed to be worn by itself, or over a Sulaire Spencer, sitting neatly above the Spencer peplum, and when worn open, showing the openwork panel down the centre of the Spencer. It is also designed to work alongside the Hirta fingerless gloves and the Dùn Cuff, so you can layer it up to very dramatic effect. Here you can see Iona wearing the Boreray Cardigan over a Sulaire Spencer in Mara, with Hirta Gloves and Dùn Cuffs. Click here for the Boreray Cardigan Patterncard Kit.

In this set you can see Iona again, but wearing the Boreray Cardigan over a dress made in Boreray fabric designed by Jade.

Yasmin has a more casual outfit of a loose dark denim dress, with the Boreray colours reflecting the intense blues of the Atlantic Ocean.

Rebecca wears the Boreray Cardigan on a mainland shoot over a Sulaire Spencer in Solan Goose.

Another new addition to the website this month is our beautiful Kelpie shade of Hebridean 3 Ply. This dark, sophisticated colour has long been a favourite in 2 Ply, so we have decided to make it available for our 3 Ply designs. You can find the Kelpie 3 Ply here.

The Lapwing Collar has a new prospectus, in which you can see the skills that the class will teach you, and have a look at some of the shoots that the Lapwing Collars have travelled to. You can find the Lapwing Collar prospectus here.

Back in stock this month is the Hat Trick Patterncard Kit. This lovely trio of hats is the perfect start to your autumn knitting.

We went out to the Hebridean moor with model Yasmin and make-up artist Julia. Here you can see the Oregon Autumn Cuff from Creative Course 2, photographed with the Oregon Autumn Cardigan, Oregon hand warmers and Mary Tudor beret. You can also see the Firebirds Ruffled Cuff from Creative Course 2 worn with the Firebirds Full Set and a Seaweed Scarf in Sea Ivory.

Creative Course 2 - Dún Cuff design from the Queen of the Waves collection by Alice Starmore
Creative Course 2 - Dún Cuff design from the Queen of the Waves collection by Alice Starmore
Creative Course 2 - Dún Cuff design from the Queen of the Waves collection by Alice Starmore

We also took the Mòinteach cardigan, Maud gloves and a hat from Creative Course 1 along with us, as well as a variety of our patterncard kits and yarn packs.

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Sulaire Spencer patterncard kit hand knitwear design by Alice Starmore

I am currently busy working on the last of the Queen of the Waves designs. The Levenish Hat, which will be a patterncard kit, and Creative Course 3, which will contain her bag and belt, and round off the travelling wardrobe of this intrepid character. I am working hard to have those ready by the end of the year.

The Queen of the Waves Hand Knitwear Design Collection by Alice Starmore

I am also working on another new project – a highly textured and cabled piece that will form the basis for another online course designed to develop your technical skills and your understanding of textured and cable-patterned shapes. My aim is to provide a high level of understanding as to how the forms are created and how they progress, so that you will be equipped to work any number of complex textures and cables perfectly and easily. These techniques will be shown in detail in a technical video class, which will also include sewing seams, picking up stitches and making mitred corners. Although the aim of the course is to provide a new set of skills and solid technical knowledge, the end result is also a spectacular design of heirloom quality. As Autumn progresses I will be able to show you more. But in the meantime I will leave you with the Boreray Cardigan, which brings together numerous elements of the Queen of the Waves Collection.

Happy Knitting,