Oregon Autumn Hat Set


Cowl – Lower edge circumference 80cm Length 19cm.
Hat – Circumference 51.4cm Brim to crown 20.5cm.
Handwarmers & Gloves – Width around at knuckles 19.3[20.7,22]cm.

This kit includes a colour-printed patterncard with full instructions and all the yarn required to make the Oregon Autumn Hat Set. Enough yarn is included to make an extra glove and hand warmer should you lose one. The cowl and hat comes in one size and instructions for the hand warmers and gloves are provided in three sizes. Enough yarn is provided in the kit to make the largest size of hand warmers and gloves. The Oregon Hat Set is also available in a Spring colourway which you can see by clicking here.

If you are a beginner in the technique then there is a graded progression you can follow, starting with the very easy cowl. Then make the hat which introduces double decrease shaping. Follow with the hand warmers and you will learn how to make thumb gussets. Finally you will graduate to the intricacies of the gloves where each digit is worked in a patterned circular fashion. You will be an expert by the time you have finished the set.

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I had long wanted to design an Autumn version of my Oregon but there were no yarns available to bring my scheme to fruition until I designed my Hebridean colour palette. It was one of the first stranded designs I made with Hebridean 2 Ply in 2001, and since then it has proved to be a great favourite with knitters the world over. The hat set is a perfect foil for my patterns and colours, and it has the great advantage of being very quick to make. It is a joy to wear and will make the perfect gift as a kit for a knitter, or as a finished set for someone very special.



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Oregon is available in the Autumn or Spring colourways, and as a cardigan, waistcoat or hat set.