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Dear Knitter,

This month I am happy to introduce my Infinite Cable Class. This online video tutorial class will teach you how to read and understand charted cabled and textured patterns which include infinite lines of different weights. You will learn how to work a variety of textured patterns, make bobbles and simple openwork, all of which are combined to produce an elaborate design in one small square. You will also learn how to block, sew up seams and pick up stitches to make mitre-cornered edgings for a 24 square blanket or throw of heirloom quality. The techniques you will learn will enable you to knit any cabled and textured design with ease and confidence. Here you can see Sylwia modelling a Mo Chridhe Throw, made using the class, along with an Erin Cardigan and Briodag Gloves. You can find out more about the Infinite Cable Class subscription here.

If you would like to make a full Mo Chridhe Throw then you can also buy a yarn pack in your own choice of colour from my Hebridean 3 Ply range. Beatrice wears the Mo Chridhe in Driftwood along with a Sulaire Spencer, a Jane Seymour, a Dùn Cuff from Creative Course 2 and a pair of White Jacobite Rose fingerless gloves. You can find the Infinite Cable Class Yarn Pack here.

New dyelots of our lovely Pebble Beach and Red Rattle 3 Ply are back in stock just in time for the Mo Chridhe yarn pack. These beautiful shades would look striking in any of our 3 Ply patterncard kits or yarn packs. You can find them in the full 3 Ply range here.


Another new addition this month is a yarn pack for the Dùn Cuff in Creative Course 2. This set of 6 different 25g skeins of Hebridean 2 Ply is the perfect palette for experimenting and making cuffs as you progress through your course. You can choose to use the example palettes which I have provided, or you can opt for a colour scheme of your own. Here you can see the pale cuffs, which are one of the colour options available for the pack, worn by Rebecca along with a Mo Chridhe Throw. You can find the Dùn Cuff - Creative Course 2 Yarn Pack here.

We also welcome a new model to the Virtual Yarns website.  My first version of the Mo Chridhe Blanket from the Infinite Cable Class was a lambswool cot blanket for my great-granddaughter Amelia. You can see her modelling it here at 3 weeks old along with her proud dad, my grandson Thomas. This shows how beautiful and versatile this pattern can be as a blanket or a furnishing.


The Queen of the Waves Hand Knitwear Design Collection by Alice Starmore

It always takes time to put together a new online class, so now it is finished I will be taking a quick respite to get my polycrub harvest preserves made and my autumn planting done, before we go straight back into an autumn/winter-appropriate patterncard design for next month.

Happy Knitting,


The Queen of the Waves Hand Knitwear Design Collection by Alice Starmore