Creative Course 2 Cuff Yarn Pack

This Creative Course 2 Yarn Pack is a yarn only product. You will need to buy Creative Course 2 for the pattern instructions and course access. You can buy Creative Course 2 on our steek dot scot website here.

The Dùn Cuff designs in Creative Course 2 have been made with Alice Starmore™ Hebridean 2 Ply pure new wool yarn. It is a unique artisan yarn which has been designed and made to ensure that it can be felted to perfection so that the correct sizes, shapes and effects shown in the cuff ruffles can be achieved using the processes demonstrated in the video course.

The Creative Course 2 yarn pack has been designed to give you a base from which to begin your creative journey. It contains the following –

25g each of 6 colours of your choice of Alice Starmore™ Hebridean 2 Ply yarn. These colours can be used to experiment and make cuffs. You must choose 6 different colours for your yarn pack. If you wish to buy larger amounts of a single colour please buy our loose skeins.

Each of the example cuffs shown here are made using 6 colours:

Pale Cuffs: Solan Goose,  Mountain Hare, Spindrift, Driftwood, Fulmar and Pebble Beach.

Firebirds Cuff: Lapwing, Sundew, Calluna, Wild Orchid, Clover and Bogbean.

Blue Cuffs: Strabhann, Kelpie, Mara, Solan Goose, Golden Plover and Whin.

Soft Green Cuff: Glen, Driftwood, Sundew, Fulmar, Mountain Hare and Corncrake.

Gold Cuff: Whin, Spindrift, Machair, Fulmar, Sundew and Mountain Hare

Red Cuff: Sea Anemone, Storm Petrel, Driftwood, Spindrift, Summertide and Strabhann

Click here for a digital shadecard of all Hebridean 2 Ply colours.



Creative Course 2 - Dún Cuff design from the Queen of the Waves collection by Alice Starmore