Alice Starmore Hebridean 3 Ply pure new British wool hand knitting Yarn in Pebble Beach colour

Sea & Shoreline

I think it is true that anyone who grows up near the sea can never be entirely comfortable when away from it for too long. I was born just a few footsteps from the sea, on a street in Stornoway where there are houses on one side and a breakwater on the other. The sea lapped against the roadside wall and would come over during bad weather. I remember one particularly violent storm when a boat was deposited whole in the middle of the road.

The sea has a will and whim of its own. It leaves things; it takes things away. The shoreline is the most changing of landscapes, which is why I have been fascinated by it from as early as I can remember.

My interest in the shoreline ranges from rock pools to marram grass, and the sea itself has influenced my perception of colour and sharpened my awareness of the subtleties of texture. It has been a pleasure to stravaig the shore for the purpose of developing the Sea & Shoreline section of our Hebridean yarn range. Its shades all focus on some aspect of the sea that I find significant.

The colours in the Sea and Shoreline range are Sea Ivory, Spindrift, Driftwood, Pebble Beach, Selkie, Mara, Limpet and Sea Anemone.