Small – Underarm (buttoned) 90.5cm. Length 46cm.
Medium – Underarm (buttoned) 99cm. Length 48cm.
Large – Underarm (buttoned) 107.5cm. Length 50.5cm.
X Large – Underarm (buttoned) 116cm. Length 53cm.
XX Large – Underarm (buttoned) 125cm. Length 55cm.

This kit includes a colour-printed pattern card with full instructions in all sizes and all the yarn required to make Tràigh in your chosen size and colours. The back, front and sleeves of Tràigh are made in separate pieces, worked back and forth in rows. The two-colour stranded areas are composed of simple diagonal lines so it is very easy to see and follow the pattern on the wrong side rows. This is a simple, straight style with set in sleeves. Tràigh is shown here in two colour variations. One in pales has a main colour of Solan Goose, lower contrast of Whin, middle contrast of Spindrift and upper contrast of Pebble Beach, and one in blues has a main colour of Kelpie with lower contrast of Strabhann, middle contrast of Witchflower and upper contrast of Mara. Choose your own main and contrast colours below.

Click here for a digital shadecard of all Hebridean 2 Ply colours.

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The shoreline of the Isle of Lewis is a varied and constantly changing environment. From the Tràigh Mhòr at Tolsta, with its beautiful, long stretch of beach in colours that would not look out of place on a Mediterranean shore, to the shingle beaches at Brue which are constantly pounded by the Atlantic Ocean, there are myriad sources of inspiration.

One of the most fascinating features of the beaches on the east coast of the island are the intricate sand patterns which appear and disappear with the turning of the tide. The most common and pleasing of them are sand ripples; these smooth undulations collect water between them and merge into and out of the beach like an impression of the waves themselves. Tràigh (the Gaelic for the sandy beach exposed at low tide) takes inspiration from these regular sand patterns. The diagonal lines begin in a textured border and strong colour, and then gradually fade away in ever softer shades before disappearing completely.

Tràigh is a quick and easy project for any knitter familiar with working stranded two-colour knitting.