Spindrift – 50g Hebridean 2 Ply


Alice Starmore Hebridean 2 Ply Yarn is made from premium quality pure new British wool, dyed in the fleece and skillfully blended into unique shades. It is hand-washed and dried in the Hebridean air, and supplied in hand-made skeins which may vary in weight. It is priced per 50g at standard conditions. All yarn is weighed to order on balances that are checked daily to ensure that you receive the correct total amount.

Spindrift is part of the Sea & Shoreline range, which is inspired by the Hebridean coast.


The spindrift as the waves comb across the beach is an enduring symbol of the shoreline. My favourite spindrift occurs in bad weather. I live on an angle in a bay where a broad beach meets the cliffs. The beach faces east; the cliffs face south. When a really powerful, surging tide is on the rise and there is also a fierce west wind, then the two forces meet head on to give an effect that is truly Wagnerian: you can almost see the Valkyrie riding the white horses, set against a background of deep storm blue. You may not in real life see the flecks of sand and seaweed that flies in with the spray, but I know they are there, so we have blended them in with our version of the colour.