Gypsy Moth Cardigan


Small – Underarm (buttoned) 106cm. Length: Cropped – 53.5cm. Classic – 60.5cm.
Medium – Underarm (buttoned) 115cm. Length: Cropped – 56cm. Classic – 64cm.
Large – Underarm (buttoned) 121.5cm. Length: Cropped – 58.5cm. Classic – 67cm.

This pack contains all the Alice Starmore Hebridean 2 Ply yarn required for Gypsy Moth in your choosen size and length, plus an amendment with instructions to be worked in conjunction with those given in A Collector’s ItemYou will require a copy of A COLLECTOR’S ITEM for the pattern instructions, the book A Collector’s Item is available for purchase here.

This design is available in cropped (shown), or classic length.

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The Burrell Collection includes a slim fitting, semi-formal jacket which dates from 1600-1625 and is embroidered with silks and silver gilt threads. It is a fine example of the ornate period style. I have used the decorative butterflies and flowers to create a border pattern for a cardigan, but I have updated the style by bringing to the fore the tropical colours of the silk threads.



Some of the designs from the book A Collector's Item, which are all available as yarn packs.