Golden Plover – 50g Hebridean 2 Ply


Alice Starmore Hebridean 2 Ply Yarn is made from premium quality pure new British wool, dyed in the fleece and skillfully blended into unique shades. It is hand-washed and dried in the Hebridean air, and supplied in hand-made skeins which may vary in weight. It is priced per 50g at standard conditions. All yarn is weighed to order on balances that are checked daily to ensure that you receive the correct total amount.

Golden Plover is part of the Birds range, which is inspired by birds of the Outer Hebrides.


Every spring flocks of Golden Plovers leave France and the South of England and travel northwards in search of a summer home. As the Hebridean landscape is so perfectly suited to them there are always Golden Plovers to be seen in the summer. The crofts and shoreline hold plenty of beetles, slugs and molluscs for them to feast on, and in the height of summer – when night consists of one or two hours of dusk – they can feed all night. Once they are sufficiently plump they retire to the moorlands where they make nests among the lichen and heather. They will remain on the islands all through the summer until their young have grown strong enough to travel. Our shade emulates the distinctive summer plumage which they wear while on the islands. Their normally grey and white feathers develop a deep gold wash over their backs and wings, giving the impression that they have been dipped in liquid gold. Not only are they beautiful but they are also very tuneful to the ear and their mellifluous, unusual piping song has earned them the nickname of Whistling Plover. Old legend gives them a rather darker purpose than merely singing. It was said that there are only six Golden Plovers but they are constantly moving, searching for their brother – who was separated from them in an unspecified incident – and when they finally find him they will herald the end of the world. Judging from the amount to be seen on the Lewis moors every summer, it would seem that they have changed their minds.

For our shade we have blended many deep, earthy golds, which marl together to give a lustrous glow.