Emergency Patterncard

Patterncard for knitters whose kit patterncard has met with an accident. Please write the name of the design in the message area of your order. For example “Patterncard for Wave Cardigan”.



The Sulaire shawl is the first of my Hiort Project designs and is a simple celebration of both the wildlife and the women of Hiort.

The women of Hiort always wore shawls: worn as a headscarf, they were of vital importance for keeping their hair from impairing their vision as they worked, and indeed, all Hebridean wore them as protection against the wind. They were generally worn around the shoulders for extra warmth on still days and when indoors. They were also the most individual of garments worn by women; being of simple construction it was easy to add a decorative or colourful touch to otherwise plain and uniform clothing.

My Sulaire (solan goose or gannet) pattern of birds flying in a dynamic formation was the perfect design to decorate the shawl. The combination of strong graphic lines and the feather-lightness of the openwork echoes the the shape of the birds themselves, the sharp lines of their towering clifftop habitat, and the powerful grace of the people who traversed these near-impossible heights.

The shawl is a timeless and very versatile design. Choose from three sizes and whichever colour of Hebridean 2 Ply suits your favourite outfit.