Cookie Policy

Our website is hosted by Flywheel, who keep our website and online data safe and secure. The website runs one Flywheel cookie which collects very basic information on the number of site visitors we have per day.


We process all payments using WooCommerce through either Paypal or Secure Trading (depending on customer choice). WooCommerce runs two necessary cookies on the website to enable the shop and checkout to function throughout your session.


We use Google Analytics to monitor statistics on our website. We use this data to analyse which pages are of most interest to our visitors as a whole so that we can provide relevant future content. We do not profile shopping cart behaviour, or use any data from our website for marketing or targeted ads of any kind. Google Analytics runs four cookies through the website for the purposes of gathering statistical and behavioural  information. Our website is set to anonymise individual IP addresses before they are stored by Google Analytics.


If you disable Cookies in the privacy section of your browser you will still be able to access and browse our website, but you will not be able to make an order, as WooCommerce cookies are required for the functionality of the checkout pages.


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