Beret – Circumference 56cm. Brim to crown – 22cm.
Scarf – Length – 180cm Width – 18cm.
Bag – Height 31.5cm, width 31.5cm.

This is a great project for both experienced and beginner knitters who enjoy working with textures, cables and making infinite knotwork patterns. The knotwork  symbols are worked in the round on the hat and back and forth in rows on the scarf and the front pocket of the bag. This kit includes a colour-printed patterncard with full instructions and all the Alice Starmore Bainin yarn required in to make the Triskel Set in your chosen colour.

Triskel is available in a choice of two colours of Bainin yarn, Click here for a digital shade card.

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The number three has always had a special significance in Celtic culture. Many of the stories and rituals I heard of as a child centred around the importance of this number as a protective force. Its symbolism is also evident in many forms of Celtic art. I wanted to portray this idea in knitting and so I designed the Triskel symbol as an infinite cabled line with three points facing outward and three knots contained within. Perhaps belief is required to make it work as a protective charm when worn but it is at least guaranteed to protect against the elements as well as making a very striking statement with its highly sculpted forms.