Age 3-4yrs – Underarm 79cm. Length 41cm.
Age 5-6yrs – Underarm 85cm. Length 45cm.
Age 7-8yrs – Underarm 91cm. Length 47cm.

This pack contains all the yarn required to make the Sigil design from Aran Knitting in your chosen size. You will require a copy of the book Aran Knitting (2010 Edition) by Alice Starmore for the pattern instructions.

Sigil is available in a choice of two colours of Bainin yarn.

Click here for a digital shadecard of all Bainin colours.

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I hope that I have finally laid to rest the myth that Aran patterns were intended as meaningful symbols. However, it did not stop me wondering what such symbols might have looked like if they had existed. This is a quick and easy design, based on the idea of a protective emblem for a child.




11 of the 15 designs from Aran Kniting are available as yarn packs. You will require a copy of Aran Knitting (2010 Edition) for the pattern instructions.