Sea & Shore Colours


The movement of waves and wind on sea and shore inspire endless pattern and colour ideas. The Wave Hat Set and Ripple Wrap feature colour patterns that are rhythmic and fun to knit, and so this is a beautiful set of designs for anyone who enjoys working with changing colour and patterns.

The Ripple Wrap patterns represent the shifting marks of the sea and the channels of fresh water carved out over the sand. I worked the sea and sand colours to enhance the idea of movement, both in the geometric ripples and in the opposing pattern versus background colours of the vertical panels. Once the first round is set it is very easy to memorize and work, making this an ideal project for newcomers attempting the stranded technique. It has one long steek worked straight from cast-on to cast-off end.

So whether you are a first-timer or an experienced stranded knitter, the wrap is a project that sums up everything that is enjoyable and easy about the stranded, steek technique, and is guaranteed to produce a result you will be proud of. The wrap is not only highly wearable but can also be displayed as a beautiful home furnishing.

Eleven shades of Hebridean 2 Ply are used for the Wave Hat set. The hat, gloves and the lower edge of the collar are worked in the stranded circular technique and I created an openwork tiered pattern, also worked in the round in a single shade, for the upper collar.
The collar and beret are made in one size and instructions for the gloves are provided in three sizes. Enough yarn is provided in the kit to make the largest size of gloves.

These kits include a colour-printed patterncard with full instructions and all the yarn required to make the Wave Hat Set and Ripple Wrap.

Wave Hat Set Measurements:
Collar – Lower edge circumference 80cm.
Collar Length (lower edge to top of neck before folding) 27cm.
Beret – Circumference 64.25cm. Brim to crown 25cm.
Fingerless Gloves– Width around knuckles 19.3[20.7,22]cm.

Ripple Wrap Measurements:
One Size – Width 63cm. Length (ex. fringes) 130.5cm.


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