One Size – Width 59cm. Length (ex. fringes) 127.5cm.

This kit includes a colour-printed pattern card with full instructions and all the yarn required to make Primavera in your chosen size. This is an ideal first project for a knitter who wants to make a garment in the round using the stranded technique with one steek.

For a step-by-step video tutorial showing all the techniques involved in knitting and finishing stranded garments visit our Stranded Knitting in the Round with Steeks tutorial section.


I find that a wrap is both an attractive and a practical garment to have. It can be used as a furnishing; thrown over an active child at the cold end of a day at the beach, or elegantly wound over arms and back for an evening out. The other great advantage is the ease with which it can be knitted, as there is no need for shaping. I decided to use the stranded knitting technique for this particular design so that it would be light but also warm and wearable. For the main motif I drew a vine with exotic open flowers and then made a small pattern consisting of full suns and flower buds to intersperse between my vines. I wanted to make this design fresh and breezy so I used the deep blue Mara and Storm Petrel combined with Witchflower and Strabhann to give a cool sea background. The pattern has a high contrast worked in the soft tones of Spindrift and Fulmar, with Corncrake adding a subtle burnished gold to the outer leaves of the flowers. The colour and pattern of the finished wrap give the effect of summer light and sea foam dancing on water. Despite having a cool, calm look, Primavera is also very cosy and is ideal for making through the winter months.



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