Medium – Underarm 112cm. Length 65cm.
Large – Underarm 120cm. Length 68.5cm.

This pack contains all the Alice Starmore® Hebridean 3 Ply yarn required to make the Maximilian design from A Collector’s Item in your chosen size. You will require a copy of A COLLECTOR’S ITEM for the pattern instructions, the book A Collector’s Item is available for purchase here.

This design is available in a choice of ten colours of Hebridean 3 Ply.

Click here for a digital shadecard of all Hebridean 3 Ply colours.


In addition to its protective function, a suit of armour was often used to display wealth and status; if it boasted magnificent etching then it proclaimed that the wearer was a man of substance. There are several such suits of armour in the Burrell Collection. The one that caught my eye is a fine example of German field armour from circa 1520 and it is made in a distinctive style which became popular during the reign of Emperor Maximilian. I used its lines to create a textured pattern that evokes the ornate and elaborate style of those times, and which retains a strong aura of masculinity.



Some of the designs from A Collector's Item which are available as yarn packs in Hebridean 2 Ply, 3 Ply, Bainin and Scottish Fleet.