Diamond Jubilee


Cowl – Lower edge circumference 80cm. length 20cm.
Beret – Circumference 62.75cm. Brim to crown 25cm.
Gloves (3 Sizes) – Width around knuckles 19.3[20.7,22]cm.

The Diamond Jubilee cowl, beret and gloves set is worked in the round with the stranded knitting technique, using nine shades of Alice Starmore Hebridean 2 Ply. If you are a beginner to the technique then the ideal place to start is with the cowl, which is straightforward to knit. The beret is the perfect next step in shaping as it involves double decreases worked to the crown. The gloves provide a small and intricate exercise. The Diamond Jubilee is also shown here with the Persian Tiles Wrap.

The kit includes a colour-printed patterncard with full instructions for knitting a one-size cowl and beret and the option of three sizes of gloves. Enough yarn is included to knit the set with the largest glove size and for an extra glove should you lose one.

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My first conscious awareness of colourful knitting is one of those early memories which never seem to diminish with the passage of time. I was born in the same year that Elizabeth II ascended the throne and by the time she made her way to the Hebrides on her coronation tour I was almost three. My parents’ generation of Hebrideans had played their full part in World War II and those that survived were optimistic for the future. The new young Queen represented that optimism for them, so her visit to the Hebrides was anticipated with excitement. My mother designed and made two little cardigans for my sister and myself to wear while we lined up on the street to see the Queen. The cardigans were very beautiful and striking: blue and red crowns and flags on a white background. I distinctly remember sitting on my father’s shoulders while my sister stood in front with my mother, all waving our flags. She turned and looked straight at us and gave us a wave, a nod and a lovely smile. It was obvious even to me, that the cardigans were noticed. I had no idea then that colourful knitting would play such a big part in my life. It seems appropriate that I should celebrate that early memory with my own Jubilee design in remembrance of the optimism of the time, and of my mother’s creative talents which she so lovingly lavished upon us.



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