Celtic Needlepoint


Paperback 27.5 X21.5cm
Published by Collins & Brown, an imprint of Anova Books London, 2011 edition (first published 1994).


Using her stunning eye for design Alice Starmore brings you 18 original projects inspired by the artistry of the Celts. Done in the Celtic style which incorporates both the natural world and geometric design, each of the five chapters journeys through the breathtaking complexity of this historic art form. Designs are split into ‘key’, ‘spiral’, ‘knotwork’, ‘bird and tree’ and ‘animal patterns’ worked on a variety of canvases. Needlepoint beginners have all the instruction they need in the techniques section, which discusses choosing yarns and canvases, as well as how to set up a project and begin creating amazing furnishings and gifts. And advanced crafters will find joy in the elegant complexity of several of the projects.