Loch Lomond patterncard knitwear design by Jade Starmore in pure wool Hebridean 2 Ply hand knitting yarn

Featured Designs

Our Featured Design section is where we give an in-depth look at particular designs and the ideas and processes behind them. Over time we will be adding to this section with articles on a wide range of techniques for knitters of all abilities.

To start, we have focused on looking at stranded knitting. If you have never tried this style of knitting before then have a look at the Persian Tiles article, as that is an ideal design for a beginner. It is also a great project for an experienced knitter on the go who wants their knitting bag to be easily transportable! Our baby blankets are a step up in terms of difficulty as the final border is more challenging, but still within reach of a novice. Our Stranded Detail Gallery shows a range of our patterncard kit designs up-close, from how the final steeks should look to neck shaping and wrong side stranding. It is a useful visual resource for anyone honing their skills in the stranded technique. Lastly, Alice's article on her Fair Isle Knitting Book takes a look at the inspiration behind the book and four designs which grew out of her experimental swatches.